Tazetta Daffodils

Tazetta Daffodils


Narcissus tazetta ‘Minnow’ (Scented Minature Daffodil) – Pack of 20 Bulbs

Tazettas are floriferous or bunch flowering daffodils: they produce several blossoms per stem, at a minimum three or four. However, clusters of eighteen or even twenty are not rare.

They are particularly good for planting in the warmer zones.

Tazetta Daffodils almost always have a very sweet, musky fragrance, for which they are deservedly prized.

Flowering time: mid spring
Plant height: 6 – 18″ (15 – 46 cm)
Minimum planting depth: 6″ (15 cm)
Hardiness zones: suitable for zones 5 – 9
Colours: white or yellow petals, with white, yellow, orange, or red cups
Shape/form: floriferous: usually three to eight blossoms on a strong stem, though 20 is possible
petals (i.e. perianth segments) are rounded and may be somewhat crinkled
cup is very short
Alternate names: Bunch-flowered Daffodils
Poetaz narcissi, which are hybrids between Division 8 and 9, are also included in this Division (eg. varieties such as: Admiration, Cragford, Elvira, Geranium, Red Guard, Scarlet Gem, St. Agnes)
Notes: good for beds, borders, cutting, and indoor forcing
Tazettas are a bit tender and require winter protection in the cooler zones
Example varieties: Avalanche* (white with yellow cup), Canarybird** (yellow with soft orange cup), Cragford** (white with red-orange cup), Falconet** (yellow with orange-red cup), Geranium** (white with orange cup), Golden Dawn* (yellow with yellow-orange cup), Scarlet Gem* (pale yellow with red-orange cup), Silver Chimes* (silver-white)

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