Floribunda Roses


TRUE FRIEND – 4lt Potted Floribunda Garden Rose Bush – Fragrant, Large Deep Apricot Flowers, Ideal Gift for a True Friend

Rose-breeders seek to improve the roses they sell, and nurserymen soon began to cross the Polyanthas with the Hybrid Tea roses. Their later introductions became known as Floribunda roses, whose flower-clusters come in all the colours now obtainable and are similar in shape, and often in size, to the Hybrid Teas.

Floribundas are very hardy and very popular, and came to dominate the gardens of the second half of the 20th century. They have been further developed to produce miniature, patio and ground-cover forms.

The floribunda rose bushes make marvelous landscape plantings due to their typically lower and bushy form — and she loves to cover herself with clusters or sprays of blooms. Floribunda rose bushes are typically easier to care for as well as being very hardy.

Floribundas are very popular largely because they seem to be continually in bloom during the season versus the hybrid tea, which blooms in cycles that spread out the periods of being in bloom by about six weeks.

Floribundas are the most colorful of all rose types. Planted en masse, they provide spectacular color all summer long with a rainbow of hues to choose from. The blooms are produced in clusters or sprays. The plants are typically shorter than Hybrid Teas.

The floribunda rose bushes came about by crossing polyantha roses with hybrid tea rose bushes. Some of the favorite floribunda rose bushes are: Betty Boop rose, Tuscan Sun rose, Honey Bouquet rose, Day Breaker rose ,Hot Cocoa rose.

The name Floribunda means abundant flowers so expect to see those on these types! There are usually multiple blooms per stem, with clusters. These clusters are sometimes called sprays, so you may also here these called spray roses. They also have repeating blooming. Most are double bloom, although some are single. The types of flowers you will see can vary though. You may see more traditional spiral type or other designs as well.

You’ll see these flowers as hedges but not large bushes usually. They only average between 2 and 3 feet tall normally.

Floribunda roses have some nice traits for the garden that make them generally easy to work with. They get some winter hardiness from the hybrid tea genes. They are generally best grown in ground but can do well potted as well.

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