Large-Cupped Daffodils

Large-Cupped Daffodils


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This is by far the most popular of all the daffodil varieties. Over 40% of all daffodil varieties cultivated are Long Cup Daffodils. Their popularity is well deserved. These daffodils have:

The full color range: white, and every possible shade of yellow, pink, orange, and red

A wide variety of cup shapes: ruffled, trumpet-like or flat

Extreme weather-tolerance

Repeated years of vital blooming (i.e. they come back year after year)

Every possible use: good for beds, borders, as cut flowers, for indoor forcing, and for showing

Wide availability: in nurseries, by mail order, on-line, in hardware stores, and in supermarkets.

Flowering time: mid-spring
Plant height: 12 – 20″ (30 – 50 cm)
Minimum planting depth: 6″ (15 cm)
Hardiness zones: most are suitable for zones 3 – 7However, a few varieties are also suitable for warmer zones:
Zones 3 – 8: Accent, Gigantic Star, Ice Follies, and Pink Charm;
Zones 3 – 9: Carlton* and Saint Keverne.
Colours: white, yellow, or orange petals, with white, yellow, pink, peach, salmon, apricot, orange or red cup; may have yellow, orange, or red rims, green eye, and/or green overtones
Shape/form: the cup (corona) is more than one third (but not equal to) the length of the petals (i.e. the perianth segments)
there is only one flower to a sterm
Alternate names: Large Cup Daffodils, Large-Cupped Narcissi
Notes: good for beds, borders, as cut flowers, for indoor forcing, and for showing
will naturalize well
Example varieties: Accent (white with salmon pink cup), Ambergate (amber orange with red cup), Avalon (yellow and white, becoming buff, with white cup), Camelot (yellow), Carlton* (two toned yellow), Flower Record (white with yellow cup, red rim), Fortissimo (golden yellow with dark orange cup), Fragrant Rose** (white with pink cup, pale green at base), Gigantic Star (saffron yellow), Ice Follies (white with lemon yellow cup, matures to white), Kissproof (pale yellow with red cup), Louise de Coligny** (white with frilled cup of pale yellow shading to apricot-pink), Mon Cherie (cream with peachy-pink cup), Pink Charm (white with ivory cup, banded with coral-pink ruffled edge), Professor Einstein (white with orange-red cup), Romance (white with rose-pink cup), Saint Keverne (yellow), Saint Patrick’s Day (lemon yellow with hint of green and yellow cup, matures to white, with yellow rim), Salome (ivory with apricot cup, rimmed with gold), Scarlet O’Hara (yellow with red cup), White Plume (white with frilled white cup)

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